How to Pick Winnings Slots Online

How to Pick Winnings Slots Online

We all want to win. It's in our nature. We want to win at work, life and at games. So how do you win at slots?

We have put together some real practical steps that you can take to help you choose slot games that give you a better chance of winning, and hopefully winning big.

Check out list, follow it carefully and let us know how it worked out for you!

Choose High-Paying Slots

As a beginner you may not know the kind of slots you should be playing to win more money. Playing a slot that looks great and has some cool features is great, but it must also be one that pays out more.

One way of picking these slots is to study the return to player (RTP) value for each slot. The best way of finding out the RTP value of different slots is to search for it online. You can put out a search on Google or any of the other popular search engines around.

The search results will through up names of portals that list slot RTPs, or even names of casinos that list out the RTP values of the slots they offer.

Once you have the list in hand, visit the websites on it and check out the RTP values for the different slots to get an idea of which ones are likely to pay out more.

  • Slots with higher RTP values are likely to pay out more, and frequently. You could also check for this information on the slot itself.
  • RTP values average out at between 92% and 97%, though there will be the occasional slot that gives you a RTP value of 98%.
  • Any slot that has a RTP value of 96% or higher is a good bet because you will likely end up winning a decent amount of money on it in the long run.

Check for the Volatility Factor

Volatility is very important to consider when you are looking at how to pick winning slots online.

Volatility, risk level, variance – you can call it whatever you want but the fact remains that it has a big role to play in throwing up winners for slots at online casinos. It determines the amount of risk involved for playing a particular slot, especially when it comes down to real money play.

The variance or volatility of a slot helps determine how you fare while playing slots.

  • Low volatility slots are those that pay out frequently but the win amount is usually never one that inspires confidence.
  • High volatility slots, on the other hand, are games that offer high profile wins, but the frequency of scoring wins is low.

Which kind of slot you choose will depend on how approach game play.

Low volatility slots are a safe bet because they will have lower bets and give you the chance to play longer and thereby pick up some decent wins over a period of time.

However, if you are a risk taker high volatility slots are the way to go. Sure, your bankroll may get wiped out quickly, but there is also the possibility of winning and when you do that, the outcome could be even life-changing.

So how do you zero in on the volatility data for a slot?

  • Search for this data online.Chances are you will find this data for select slots only, as providers don't usually list out this data.
  • Gather the data yourself.This can happen if you have played a particular slot long enough and are able to trace a pattern for the following:

    - How often you win while playing the slot
    - The amount you win each time

    A slot that doesn't pay often enough but pays out huge sums when it does is a slot with high volatility. A slot that pays out moderate amounts as winnings at frequent intervals is a low volatility slot.
  • Use free spins bonuses.Using free spins bonuses that are available is another way of determining the volatility factor for a slot. You also get to test out the slot itself and get a hang of the features it comes with. There are a number of such slots with free spins bonuses that you can try out. The way they play and pay will give you an idea of the kind of slot it is.

Look Beyond the Obvious

Some of the things that we look for when searching for the right online casino deal with the immediate concerns like safety, reliability, security and so on, and so the parameters we look for are licensing, regulation, certification for fair gaming, security technology used, and more.

It will be wiser to look at factors beyond the obvious when it comes to picking a slot that can help you win.

Protip: A slot that is extensively highlighted on the landing page of a casino need not necessarily be a high paying one. The intensive advertising may actually be because it is exactly the opposite. Slots that are hidden away may turn out to be better options.

Place Bigger Wagers

One way of cashing out a big win is by hitting the jackpot, and at many casinos the jackpot round is triggered based on the value of your bet. This is especially true when you play a progressive slot.

So a nominal wager wouldn't give you an opportunity to access that invaluable round. In fact, some casinos list out this bit of information, that you have to bet the maximum amount for the jackpot to be triggered.

One thing you must understand: how much you win will depend at least partially on how much you have wagered. So the chances of a $100,000 payout on a $0.1 wager would be infinitely lower than on a $5 wager.

Of course, there is a danger to betting big if you don't have the bankroll to back such a move up: if your move backfires you could find your bankroll wiped out completely in a matter of minutes. There is risk involved in making a move of this kind, as you can see, but the risk is definitely worth the reward should the reward materialize.

Check Online Forums and Reviews by Players

One of the best ways of gathering honest information is to get it straight from the horse's mouth, which in this case happens to be the player. Online casinos and reviews about these casinos will tell you only this much, because reviews are usually a way of directing traffic to a casino website. There are specific review websites, of course, that will give you credible information.

You can get this information from:

  • Online gambling forums
  • Community groups on social media
  • Casino ratings on reputable gambling portals

Stay Away a Bit from Branded Slots

Winning at Online Slots - Pro Tip

Branded slots are great for playing as they offer instant identification with characters from comics and movies that you have loved. These slots are used by casinos as props and incentives to get new players on board.

The chances of you playing a branded slot like The Dark Knight, for instance, are far higher than the chances of playing a relatively unknown slot like Space Wars.

There is another reason: branded slots come at a cost for the software provider, and that cost must be recovered.

The use of branded slots is great marketing strategy. However, they necessarily do not give you high payouts. This is not the hard truth all the time, of course. There are branded slots that come with progressive jackpots that you can take a shot at.

If you want to play it safe, the best option is to try out relatively unknown slots when you are looking to score some cool wins.

Utilize the Free Spins Bonuses Offered

Free spins are great props that you can use to zero in on winning online slots. There are a number of reasons why these slots make for a fantastic tool:

  • They don't have any funding conditions attached to them apart from the standard terms like wagering requirements and, for no deposit bonuses, a maximum cap on winnings from the bonus.
  • There is no limit to how much you can bet. You actually have the option to place big bets and hope to win something out of it.
  • There is also no limit to how much you can win. For no deposit bonuses, however, there is a cap on the maximum amount you can withdraw out of the winnings earned with the bonus.